1. radiostyrd:

    observations from the one direction concert on june 13


    also known as niall is the best human and whoever is in charge of one direction is not

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  2. roooneymaras:

    this show is so fucking real

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  3. 22:13 12th Jun 2014

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    a small collection of somewhat disturbing, but otherwise entertaining posts

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    remember that rumor we all believed in middle school that marilyn manson got the bottom half of his ribcage removed so he could blow himself??

    What the fuck kinda middle school did you go to


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    if you’re gay, then you’re gay
    if you’re straight, well that’s great
    if you fall in between, that’s the best way to be
    you’ve got so many options, every fish in the sea

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    spoken swedish is so lazy people can’t even be bothered to say ja they just say a

    swedish manages to shorten a single-syllable word

    världens vackraste språk

    and everything can be turned into a verb

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    I’m crying.


    "You’re the worst friend ever" in a monotone voice
    I’m very happy

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  8. fedorea:

    "why do gay and black people get pride months but straight white people don’t get their own month it’s not fair" every month is stale white bread month calm down you heterosexual popsicle stick

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    Protect autistic people. Protect non verbal autistic people, autistic people who talk a million miles an hour, or too loud, or very rarely.

    Protect autistic people who stim frantically, stim vocally, or don’t stim at all

    Protect autistic people with 100 special interests,…

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Which one would you like to drink?


    Which one would you like to drink?